Thong Bikini Separates

Make this summer your hottest season ever by wearing red thong bikini seperates. Remember that the more flesh you will reveal, the sexier you will looj. So don’t waste time trying to cover up your curves, after all, this is the perfect season to wear an apparel that barely covers anything. In choosing your two-piece, you don’t have to limit yourself with a set. What could be a better way to find a bikini that will suit your best is to shop for the upper and lower garment separately. When you shop for a thong, consider wearing red for this is considered to be a very sexy color. According to a certain studies, men find women more attractive when they wear this color, which symbolizes excitement, fun, energy, and sensuality. If you are planning to shop for one,  you should also find a top that would complement this. Below are some options you should consider:

Red halter top

An upper swimming garment of this color will complement your thong. It is best that you choose a shade that is similar with that of your bottom so they won’t clash. If you have pale skin, a flaming red swimsuit may be more suitable for you. For accessories, sterling silver and gold bangles can go well with your swimming apparel.

Plain black bandeau

A black band-like apparel will be a perfect match to any dark-colored bottom. Black tops and red bottoms can create a more attractive and bolder appearance. Gold and silver accessories can also go well with this beachwear. You can also experiment with other jewelry pieces such as colorful wooden bracelets or one that is made of sea shells.

White triangle top

White is a good match to most lower garments and goes well with with different prints and shades. White can neutralize the intensity of dark colors. This can also give you a more elegant, outgoing look. Big gold earrings and bangles are the best accessories to wear with these.

There are lots of designs to choose from. You can find various items from specialty stores as well as online shops. You just have to know your size so you can find a piece with a snug fit, one that will hug your curves like a second skin. Wear something your most comfortable with. Even without a perfect body or that sexy hourglass figure, confidence will help you pull off any daring outfit.