Micro Bikini Separates

Go wild like the summer waves by wearing micro bikini seperatrd. There are lots of reasons shopping separately for the top and bottom is more advantageous than buying a micro set. Here are some:

You can be as creative as you want

There are instances when the upper piece of garment looks good on you, but the lower part doesn’t. Buying separate pieces will give you an alternative by allowing you to mix and match various styles. And so, your options are almost limitless.  You can choose a plain top and pick a patterned bottom to compliment it, or the other way around. If you want a piece that has heavy prints, you don’t have to worry that wearing this will overdo your beachside getup. All you have to do is to shop for a simpler-looking top or bottom to neutralize the overall effect.

You can find a beachwear that can enhance your figure

Matching various items is also the best way to find a swimming apparel that will suit you best. If you’re blessed with big breasts, for instance, you can draw the eyes to your bosom by wearing an upper garment that has unique and beautiful prints.  If you want attention to linger on your hips and legs, a bright colored-micro can be the perfect apparel to wear. When you shop for a set, you won’t have the privilege to look for a bikini that will hug your body like a second skin.

You can hide your weak points

Shopping for a swimsuit is all about looking for one that will make you feel gorgeous as you stroll under the hot summer sun. Let’s admit it, not everyone has a perfect body. However, this does not mean you can’t look downright sexy and enchanting if you don’t have the hourglass figure. The most important secret of many beach babes is the confidence they exude even when they have almost nothing on. By choosing the right bikini, you can hide the flaws of your body and strut along the beach wearing only your barely-there two piece. If you don’t have the cheeky bottoms of a swimwear model, you can still catch the eye of the onlookers by wearing a plain lower garment and a daring top, or the other way around, that will make you look sizzling hot. Tons of confidence is what you need to pull off such a daring look.