Bikini Separates

Now is the time to shop for bikini separates that will make you seem hotter than summer. This summers hottest trend are brazilian bikinis. You can be effortlessly sexy in a swimming apparel that hides little and reveals more. Lots of stores can give you amazing choices for the top and bottom. You can just mix and match different pieces based on your preference or what really looks great on you. Choose the right  bathing suits that will make you a head-turner in any crowded beach. Below is a guideline on how to choose your bikini separates based on your body type.

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If you are big-busted

If you are well endowed, what could be a better way to flaunt this asset than to wear a skimpy piece as you stroll along the beach or lounge by the pool. A top that would flatter your bosom is the best way to go. Opt for the upper bikini piece that is brightly colored to draw the much-deserved attention to your chest. Bikini tops with large, colorful prints are quite attractive as well. Common prints used in many different types of swimsuits are flowers and tropical trees because of their refreshing effect.

If you have wide hips
The principles in emphasizing wide hips is also the same in getting attention to the bust. You most likely have to wear a plain top to keep the eyes of spectators focused on your botto. Your bottom piece should be printed with cool and beautiful designs so it would be easily noticed. Among the popular designs are flowers, stripes, and palm trees. You can also wear plain bottoms with bright colors such as neon.

If you have shapely legs
Wearing string bikinis would make your legs appear longer. These will not just enhance your thighs, but will also give you a delicate and sexy look because of the thin strips of fabric that rides on your hips.

If you are planning to shop for a summer wear that will be a sensation at the beach, know your better features and then choose a swimsuit that will flatter or enhance these parts of your body. It is best that you shop separately for the top and the bottom. In this way, you can be as creative as you want in combining pieces that will fit you best. This will also allow you to pick the right size, color, and design without being limited to available pairs you find in stores.

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